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Extra Curricular - Parent Paid

Sport Fun - The original sports skills and fitness programs! Students are taught the fundamentals of sports in a fun, non-competitive, high-energy environment. The foundation for health and fitness is laid for years to come. The program teaches baseball, basketball, football, soccer, tennis, golf and teamwork.

Dance Fun - the FUN dance skills program for girls and boys. The students are taught using fun, age appropriate music, blended with classical dance elements, to create the best dance experience possible. The student is introduced to ballet, jazz, disco, modern, hip-hop and more.

Tumble Team - Everyone likes to tumble. The custom curriculum is designed specifically for young children. Experienced gymnastics coaches teach the fundamentals of tumbling and fitness in a high energy way that kids love!

Fun Bus - Equipment varies from week to week depending on lesson plans and age of children. Epuipment includes; tumblng mats, monkey bars, parallel bars, trampoline, balance beam, punching bag, rock wall, rings, swings, tunnel, climbing rope, parachute, musical instruments, basketball hoop and more!


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