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Five reasons to send your preschooler to summer camp in Cypress, Texas

Posted on 05-26-2014 | Darold Frederick

preschool_cypress_txThe benefits of going to the right summer camp can be significant for any child. Not only are they safely entertained while you are at work, but they also have the chance to explore their interests, build lasting friendships and develop a love of learning. Here are some more reasons why summer camps can be important:

  • Physical activity: Many parents complain about children not being active enough. In a world where so much revolves around technology, summer camp encourages children to get outdoors and get physical with fun activities like group sports, organized outdoor games, water play, and free play on our state of the art playgrounds.

  • Self-confidence:  Summer camp provides children with the opportunity to discover and develop new skills outside of a traditional classroom environment. At camp, they can form strong peer groups, learn how to work as a team and successfully take on non-academic challenges, which boosts self-esteem. We believe that our day-to-day activities and attentive care will help build their confidence.

  • Independence. The camp environment allows children to experience a safe space where they are encouraged to make decisions for themselves supporting the development of vital problem solving skills.

  • Connect with nature. Nature provides an enriching experience for children, providing them with a more comprehensive understanding of the world and deeper appreciation for our planet.

  • Make friends. Camps provide a relaxing, less structured environment where children feel more comfortable with themselves and others. This helps children to develop socially and mature through camp activities that are designed to bring children together and create strong bonds of friendship.

If you would like your children to extend the fun into your weekend family time, Great Play of Cypress is an ideal place to visit. This unique gym is designed especially for children and, while it is indoors, it does have the benefit of being accessible no matter the weather. Here children are encouraged to develop their motor skills and build fitness in an interactive way while having fun with peers.

At Kids 'R' Kids Learning Academy of Barker Cypress, Texas, we offer a summer camp program for children from three to 12 years old. Our summer camp program for children ages five through 12 has plenty of fun activities to keep children happily active and occupied, including scavenger hunts, day trips, fitness camps, and a special Father's Day celebration.

For more information on our summer program or to register your child, contact us today!

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